If you have a tooth that is tender, sensitive to cold and heat, and causing pain, you may need a root canal treatment.

The first question most patients ask about root canal treatment is “do root canals hurt?”. In the hands of an expert dentist, the discomfort of a root canal is minimized to the point where you may not feel any pain at all.

More importantly, however, the temporary discomfort of a root canal pales compared to the pain of leaving a rotten tooth untreated.

Why Root Canals

What’s most important about root canals is their purpose, which is to save the tooth and protect it from future decay. If done in time, a root canal can save the healthy part of the tooth and help avoid more complicated and expensive treatments.

Root Canal Treatment Steps

First, your dentist will anesthetize your tooth before removing the infected pulp, and will next clean the root canal space and fill it. They will next seal the tooth and place a crown to protect it from further damage. The root canal and crown together will provide perfect protection for your tooth. The removal of the infected tissue will bring immediate relief, and the procedure will restore all the functions of the tooth.

Painful Tooth? Get Quick and Permanent Relief

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