Root Canal

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If you have a tooth that is tender to touch, is sensitive to cold and to the heat, and has been hurting, then you may need a root canal treatment. Root canals sound complicated and painful, but with the wonders of modern medicine, patients are made comfortable during the procedure. Dentists can save infected teeth through the root canal procedure and help relieve pain and pressure that is causing inflammation inside and around the tooth. Root canals, or endodontic treatments, can be necessary on teeth which have been infected due to deep decay, a faulty crown, a chipped or cracked tooth, or even because of multiple dental procedures being performed on the same tooth.


Your dentist or endodontist will begin by removing the infected pulp that is inside the tooth, and will clean the root canal space thoroughly before filling the space will a material called gutta-percha. Next your dentist will seall the tooth and place a crown over the tooth to protect it from any further damage. The removal of the infected tissue will ease pain in the tooth and the procedure will restore the tooth to all of its functions. The root canal procedure is quite invasive, hence your dentist will anesthetize your tooth before starting.


A root canal may take more than one visit to the dentist. During your visits the tooth is anesthetized and the dentist uses small tools to make an opening in the crown of the tooth and clean the pulp and the root canal from the inside of the tooth. Following this, the dentist seals the empty space with a compatible material to give support to the tooth and then restore it. The procedure can feel uncomfortable and any pain afterwards can be relived through over the counter pain medication.